You are informed about the model? Our page with questions & answers provides more useful information to take your decision. Then cast your vote!

Ballot Modalities

Voting Period: Nov 21st from 11am until and including midnight of Dec 2nd, 2012

Authentification: How can I log in? To cast your vote, you will be able to log in using your LRZ account. The voting procedure itself is anonymous, no personal information is revealed at all (see “Technical Questions” at the bottom).

Entitled to vote: all students enrolled in winter semester 2012/13 at LMU, TUM or HM (includes enrolled PhD students, excluding “Seniorenstudenten”).

  • Ballot at three universities LMU, TUM and HM, totaling about 100,000 students.
  • Ballot will provide guidance for Studentenwerk München on how to enact.
  • Strong vote: Take part, as many as possible!
  • Minimum participation: valid at the university in question only if at least 20 % of the students at each university participate in this ballot.
  • Majority decision: The ballot at each university is independent from the ballot of the other universities, meaning that votes are counted for each university separately. For a Semesterticket to be introduced, a single majority in all three universities is necessary – 3x “Yes”! The ticket would be implemented only at LMU, TUM and HM the beginning of WS2013/14.
  • The students’ vote is valid until it comes to a new vote in the future.
  • The student governments advocate for a new ballot especially in the case of a disproportionate rise in prices relating to the general MVV tariff, or in case the conditions of the tariff shift considerably at the students’ disadvantage.
  • This ballot will be valid as an orientation for the Studentenwerk if the the MVV proposes to realize the Semesterticket according to the present offer also for universities separately or provides a more favorable / lower offer.
  • The results will be announced online on
The voring period has not started or is over already.

Technichal Questions

How can I log in and which steps are necessary to cast my vote?

  1. Click on the button of your university which will be visible on this page from Nov 21st at 11am.
  2. You will be forwarded to the authentification page: log in using your campus- / LRZ-account.
  3. On the following page, you can see that no personal data is transferred at all. Klick on the button “Bestätigen” / “Confirm” to go on.
  4. You will be forwarded to the ballot form. You may select “Yes” or “No” and need to confirm your vote with a click on the “Vote!” button.
    Important: Only if you click on the “Vote!” button, your vote is casted and counts!
  5. You will receive a confirmation that you casted your vote successfully on a separate page.

I lost the password for the log in. Where can I get a new one?
LMU students:
TUM students:
HM students: under “Online Account-Verwaltung”

Is the ballot anonymous / What is done to protect my personal data?

  • Yes, the ballot is totally anonymous!
  • Personal campus accounts are solely used to assure that only students of either of the three universities can participate in the voting and nobody may cast more than one vote.
  • Personal data like name, postal address, email or anything similar were not made available to the organization team of this ballot through the identity service “shibboleth” and are unnecessary for the result anyway. The data provided is visible after you log in.
  • Participance and the vote itself are saved in two different database tables. It is factually impossible to allocate participants and votes. To vote again or alter a vote one already casted is impossible.